What is the Future of Smart Glasses

While the inception of smart glasses has been embraced as a mere luxury, there’s more to it than just that. Multiple research points to the fact that the next big technology trend will be smart glasses we wear everywhere. With many giant technology companies joining the race, It’s conceivable that these devices could even become the primary means through which we have access to digital information and entertainment.

Great emphasis is being put on different features and capabilities, depending on where lies the immense value and potential to create a difference. The shift has moved on the commercial applications in the preliminary phases, even as the technology continues to progress. The future of smart glasses is also being projected with a reduction in prices to easily affordable prices. They are likely to follow a similar trend to mobile phone technology, which took time to reach universal adoption.

The utility of Smart Glasses to the Visually Impaired

Many questions have been raised on how smart glasses can help millions of people with visual impairments. Many companies and manufacturers of smart glasses are emerging with real solutions that could help address the same.

Some companies have developed smart glasses tailored explicitly for visually impaired people. These smart glasses use HD cameras to record and convey footage in real-time to screens within the glasses located adjacent to the eyes. This new smart glass technological design from eSight allows visually impaired people to have a greater view without lessening mobility.

Another one from NuEyes employs magnifiers and virtual reality to enhance the user’s visual experience. Aira is another company that combines smart glasses with a live help-support experience for users. Its device has a camera located on the smart glasses that sends live video streams to their Centre. Specially trained agents on the ground can watch and accurately answer questions about the user’s environment through an assistive technology platform.


With many companies opting for augmented reality and bypassing the need for total immersion in virtual reality, there is a promise to enhance what we see in the real world. The future of smart glasses promises to deliver an experience in the context of our daily lives, rather than taking us to another reality. Plus, with great smart glasses like the ones at vr-expert.io, evolving every day, we can only expect better products in the future.

Where the Smart Glasses will be used

The future usage of smart glasses may bring an exciting dimension, as depicted at Shec-Labs. In conducting job-related activities, smart glasses may also enable others to see what the user is seeing. So, it will allow access to important information hence allowing an instructor who sees what you see to guide you through the job process.

Smart glasses could come in handy with several technology and programs on the market that measure certain aspects and activities in our lives. It will be easier to measure sleep, motion, and body signals such as blood sugar, where you can share your status via social media. Smart glasses could play a unique role because they equip one to document life as lived even more.

However, the future could also come with some cognitive, social, psychological, and technological problems. Its potential threat to eyesight, challenges with the law, data security, and challenges regarding technology acceptance will be interesting factors to watch.

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