Expert Tips for Great Blogging Web Design

People say content is the heart of any blog. While it is true, at the same time, a good blog web design can multiply the number of visitors to your website. A good blog web design should reduce the reader’s effort in reading, make search easy, and load the web page fast.

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Speed Up Your Blog Website

Your website must load fast because your readers do not like waiting for your web page to load. A long and heavy blog webpage is not suitable for you and your readers because it will have slower performance. According to a survey, delays of more than two seconds significantly affect user experience, and 30% of readers leave a blog website if it doesn’t load after 4 seconds.

Performance issues are a big problem for mobile device users who are having low bandwidth connections.

Following things, you can do to increase your blog webpage’s speed –

Adaptive Images

The common reason for the blog website’s slow performance is images. When readers access your blog from low-bandwidth devices, the pictures on your site with resolutions for a desktop monitor will make loading of page slow. You can fix this issue with an adaptive Images script, which will detect the screen size of your reader’s device and deliver re-scaled images of your website. It is up to you to choose browser-caching and quality of image quality in the script.

Unnecessary JavaScript or CSS

You should check your JavaScript and CSS code to remove any redundant or unused code. Also, check and remove any unwanted page elements.

Simple navigation

Your blog website navigation design should be natural and straightforward for readers to follow.

Navigation by months

You should add a blog archive section so that visitors should be able to find and navigate to your posts from a specific month.

Navigation Using Labels

Visitors should be able to find and navigate to your posts under a specific label. Labels are useful for navigating related posts to them. It means that on your blog post page should show all the labels that you have tagged against that post.

Navigation Using Menu

If your blogs cater to different categories, then it is good to arrange them as Menu or sub-menu options. It helps them find content based on a group.

Search box

It is the reader’s best friend to find content fast. Every website should have a search box in the top right corner.

Clickable Logo

Your blog logo should be clickable and navigate to the home page. It is essential for new visitors who have come to your blog using some link from another website. You also don’t want your users to press the “Back” button multiple times to return to your site’s home page.

Mobile Device Friendly

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Now a day’s more people are browsing their internet on their phones and tablets. It is challenging for the reader to navigate through blogs that aren’t mobile-friendly. They have to zoom in to see your text or continuously scroll left and right to continue reading. It means that your blog website should be optimized and made adaptable for these devices. If you don’t do this, then your visitors may not stick around for very long.

Follow or Subscribe button.

Pin your follow or subscribe button to your header. These should be visible to your reader all the time. On a mobile device, this may be accessible using the hamburger button.

Easily Accessible Social Sharing buttons

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Your blog website should provide social sharing buttons for all devices. It helps users to share your content using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It enables you to increase your audience and page views.

Excellent blogging web design is the key to converting a regular site visitor to a blog subscriber and repeat reader. Here we saw tips that are specific to blogging web designing. You can also view general web design tips at It seems trivial, but with the above tips, you can make it naturally easy. You can also get advice from industry expert Not one rule fits all, so try things on your website and keep updating based on feedback.

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