Comparison: iOS13 vs. Android 10

Apple launched the iOS 13, last year in June 2019 at the WWDC held in San Jose. iOS13, which was in the beta mode for a long time, aroused much excitement within the global apple community. On the contrary, the most used operating system – Android was now in the queue to create a big buzz in the smartphone industry. Google did not take much time and launched the Android 10 OS in September of the same year. Google initially launched the Android 10 for already in market pixel devices.

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Both the operating systems received their best updates and were incredibly appreciated by the users. If you are here for a closer comparison of both the operating systems, considering features and latest modifications, continue to read further.

Battery Life

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Every time a new update is launched, the complaints from the smartphone owners are always noted. Battery life is always counted as one of the essential factors that every smartphone user wants improvement, therefore comparing both operating systems based on battery life is very difficult. iOS is better optimized to squeeze the most out of the battery, but you can buy an android device with bigger mAh, which can easily outlast the battery of an iPhone. However, iOS and Android have the power saving modes, which allow you to extend the battery power.

Camera and Photo Backup

The argument of better camera quality between both has always been a hot muffin for the past few years, but Apple still has the upper hand in the picture quality. With the introduction of both iOS and Android, the efficiency of the camera has undoubtedly increased.

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Now, if we talk about photo backup, Android always has an excellent option because, in an iPhone, you still have a fixed cloud storage of 5 Gb.

Voice Assistants

One of the major topics to discuss is the quality of voice assistants in both these operating systems. Here, the voice assistant of iOS, Apple’s Siri, is taking the lead over google assistant. According to many developers, Siri is a more reliable assistant. Siri, in the iOS13, is overhauled with a more realistic voice, assisting you to make friendly reminders.

Many prominent developers say that google is more like a human, better at conversations and suggestions. However, it is up to you, why, and how you use a voice assistant.

Privacy and Security

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Data privacy and security has always been the most prominent feature of iOS as compared to Android. Apple has added more security features to the iOS and has revamped the location permission in iOS 13 by helping the user to make a one-time location option. In iOS 13, get ready to see an option of login in with Apple, which will allow you to log in via Face id or Touch Id by creating a unique biometric id into the developer’s database. Google is still finding a balance between privacy and security.

Some Other Features

Dark mode created a great buzz, and iOS 13 is still on the better side. Messaging is also overhauled in iOS 13 by adding a trillion configuration of Memoji. Photo experience, QuickPath keyboard, Arcade are some of the great deals that you can expect in the latest iOS 13.

Shec-Labs explains the significant features of iOS very well. You can read in detail at

Considering the significant aspects, iOS 13 wins in most categories. Generally, to buy an iOS device, you have to pay more than an Android device. Therefore, you can expect a great experience and will enjoy Apple devices with better features, battery performance, camera, and better privacy.

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