2020’s Best Wi-Fi Routers


Wi-Fi routers are essential. They act as our gateway to the web, granting us access to a whole new world online. The router is nothing new and has been a staple piece of hardware for all sorts of computer users. As we get further into the 2000s, our technology has seen many advancements, most of which are aimed at getting us connected faster. When you’re ready to upgrade your old router and start scoring unbeatable speeds, you’ll notice the market is flooded. There are all sorts of routers, some of which are better for individual use while others are best for businesses. The first rule of thumb is, ditch the company router, electing to purchase your own. You’ll get a better-quality router and save anywhere from $10 to $15 each month from rental fees.

After lots of digging and testing, we’ve put together a list of the top three routers that 2020 has to offer and a few of their most important specs. These have the latest Wi-Fi 6 embedded into them, though you can still connect to 5G. You can find more about 5G, specifically at pur-carbon.com and, see how 5G and 6E stand-up head to head at shec-labs.com. Now, on to our list.

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

This was our favorite all around. It mimics something right out of a Star Trek episode, with its ununiform base and eight removable antennas. Like the design would have you guess, this is a hi-tech piece of equipment, complete with Tri-Band Wi-Fi connection and a peak throughput of 731.4 Mbps. This is the best in terms of reach and speed, giving us a seamless connection the whole time. Plus, this Asus product can be combined with other Asus mesh routers to expand coverage even further in large homes or areas that quickly need lots of coverage. If you’re into gaming, this is the one for you.

Nest Wi-Fi

Not only is the design small and sleek, but this has a smart speaker built-in. This mesh router is excellent for the home and individual use, with long reaches and great specs. The Wi-Fi is connected via a dual-band setup, complete with four antennas to find the perfect angles in any room. Google Home comes along with it, the savvy assistant that always has your back.

TP-Link Archer C2300

This router is much more economical in terms of price but, don’t let that fool you. This router comes with dual-band Wi-Fi that sees a peak throughput of 939.6 Mbps. It has three antennas, each adjustable and works flawlessly through obstacles like walls and ceilings. You will also find that this router has antivirus and QoS controls built right in.


So, there you have it. It’s time to throw out the company rental and start enjoying better Wi-Fi. You’ll notice a faster connection and a broad range of connections by adding any of these to your home or small business. We’ve accomplished amazing things in the 21st century, advancing and upgrading technology to unforeseen places. Routers are one of them, and luckily, this is just the very beginning.

Expert Tips for Great Blogging Web Design

People say content is the heart of any blog. While it is true, at the same time, a good blog web design can multiply the number of visitors to your website. A good blog web design should reduce the reader’s effort in reading, make search easy, and load the web page fast.

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Speed Up Your Blog Website

Your website must load fast because your readers do not like waiting for your web page to load. A long and heavy blog webpage is not suitable for you and your readers because it will have slower performance. According to a survey, delays of more than two seconds significantly affect user experience, and 30% of readers leave a blog website if it doesn’t load after 4 seconds.

Performance issues are a big problem for mobile device users who are having low bandwidth connections.

Following things, you can do to increase your blog webpage’s speed –

Adaptive Images

The common reason for the blog website’s slow performance is images. When readers access your blog from low-bandwidth devices, the pictures on your site with resolutions for a desktop monitor will make loading of page slow. You can fix this issue with an adaptive Images script, which will detect the screen size of your reader’s device and deliver re-scaled images of your website. It is up to you to choose browser-caching and quality of image quality in the script.

Unnecessary JavaScript or CSS

You should check your JavaScript and CSS code to remove any redundant or unused code. Also, check and remove any unwanted page elements.

Simple navigation

Your blog website navigation design should be natural and straightforward for readers to follow.

Navigation by months

You should add a blog archive section so that visitors should be able to find and navigate to your posts from a specific month.

Navigation Using Labels

Visitors should be able to find and navigate to your posts under a specific label. Labels are useful for navigating related posts to them. It means that on your blog post page should show all the labels that you have tagged against that post.

Navigation Using Menu

If your blogs cater to different categories, then it is good to arrange them as Menu or sub-menu options. It helps them find content based on a group.

Search box

It is the reader’s best friend to find content fast. Every website should have a search box in the top right corner.

Clickable Logo

Your blog logo should be clickable and navigate to the home page. It is essential for new visitors who have come to your blog using some link from another website. You also don’t want your users to press the “Back” button multiple times to return to your site’s home page.

Mobile Device Friendly

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Now a day’s more people are browsing their internet on their phones and tablets. It is challenging for the reader to navigate through blogs that aren’t mobile-friendly. They have to zoom in to see your text or continuously scroll left and right to continue reading. It means that your blog website should be optimized and made adaptable for these devices. If you don’t do this, then your visitors may not stick around for very long.

Follow or Subscribe button.

Pin your follow or subscribe button to your header. These should be visible to your reader all the time. On a mobile device, this may be accessible using the hamburger button.

Easily Accessible Social Sharing buttons

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Your blog website should provide social sharing buttons for all devices. It helps users to share your content using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It enables you to increase your audience and page views.

Excellent blogging web design is the key to converting a regular site visitor to a blog subscriber and repeat reader. Here we saw tips that are specific to blogging web designing. You can also view general web design tips at shec-labs.com. It seems trivial, but with the above tips, you can make it naturally easy. You can also get advice from industry expert biagomedia.com. Not one rule fits all, so try things on your website and keep updating based on feedback.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Software

(Bx500)8yshdkjskjhsdkjh f(1)Integrating new enterprise software into a business’s existing infrastructure calls for a lot of diligence. You need to select new software carefully and wisely. Choosing a new software involves many technicalities, and due diligence should always be carried out if you want to avoid costly mistakes.

The following are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing the right application for your company.

Using a brand name to choose software

(Bx500)8yshdkjskjhsdkjh f(2)A common mistake that most companies make is to go for a well-known software brand that might not meet the company’s needs just because everyone wants to be on the safe side. It would help if you avoided the automatic choice of software based on the brand name.

You should ignore the brand and check the details that come with the software. If you want to avoid failed functionalities, perform an in-depth examination of the program that interests you. Seek recommendations and experiences from companies and other end users.

Ignoring long term needs

Another common mistake you should avoid is purchasing software that meets immediate needs while ignoring long term needs that might arise in the future. If you go for software that solves immediate problems only, your business could soon outgrow the software solution. Your business operations will quickly come to a halt, and you may be forced to shop for new software again. This is not only time consuming but very costly as well.

Going for incompatible software

Buying software that doesn’t communicate well with other crucial programs in your company is another grave mistake you should avoid. Such systems are often referred to as patchwork systems, and they usually cause problems when data and files are being transferred. They may also cause loss of vital data and information that makes using analytical tools such a daunting task. When choosing ideal software, ensure it communicates well with existing programs. It should also feature a fast and simple integration.

Ignoring cloud computing

(Bx500)8yshdkjskjhsdkjh f(3)If you ignore cloud computing, then you may expose your files to costly cyber threats. The risk that comes with storing data in the cloud is negligible compared to keeping them on your computer’s servers. You also stand a chance to save a lot on maintenance costs. Once you select your software, consider using the cloud to back up your data and free up storage space securely.

Choosing old programs

You should avoid choosing an old program just because it is well known and was reliable in the past. Outdated programs may not work well to meet the software needs of your company. You must go for the newest versions of the software like the ones Android features currently as it guarantees several benefits for your ventures shec-labs.com. The system you choose should also include constant version upgrade as well as the latest technologies.

Failure to train employees on the use of new software

You must educate employees on the full capabilities of the software you are developing. Employees should be well trained and instructed for them to explore the full potential of the new software. When purchasing software, insist on getting formal instructional manuals and other training tools.

Finally, it is also important that you find out updated information on trendy topics touching on software applications. Such information is freely available in leading sites such as mobiaso.com

Filter Types For Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industries

Filtration in chemical and pharmaceutical industries plays a critical role in ensuring the end product meets the required quality standards. They are used to capture and contained undesirable particles and other contaminants during industrial processes.

Within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, several filtration systems are in use , check shec-labs.com. Some of these systems include:

Surface filtration systems

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These systems work efficiently to contain particles on the surface of the liquids that are filtered. The contaminants that are retained build up with time to form a solid layer of debris at the surface level. The solid layer, which is commonly referred to as the cake layer, is vital in enhancing the efficiency of the filter system because it acts as a secondary filter of their own. Usually, the original filtration system may work at around 55 percent efficiency. However, the cake layer will push this level to over 90 percent with time. The surface systems need regular maintenance because as the debris continues to fill up and grow to form the cake layer, the liquids’ rate of flow decreases.

The ultra-filtration systems

Typically, ultrafiltration systems are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Any filtration process that demands filter pores of 0.01 micron in size makes use of this system. This system is efficient and reliable in removing the smallest particles from the flow of the material. They are also designed to contain several microorganisms in liquids such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Depth filtration systems

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Another common type of filtration system in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries is the depth filtration system. This kind of system features many layers of mini filter systems. The filtered material is allowed to pass through these layers before exiting the systems. The next layer of the system will contain the particles not captured by the first system, thus guaranteeing an efficient filtration process.

The unit is also ideal for removing soluble materials, colloidal materials, and other sediments. Typically, the larger particles are removed first while the smallest particles are removed last. Depth filtrations systems require constant cleaning. You will clean the system by reversing the flow of the liquids to unclog the blocked pores. Although these units are more costly when compare to other types, they are durable and can be used for extended periods.

Magnetic filter systems

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The magnetic filter systems are standard in liquid pharmaceutical processes that require high levels of purity. They are typically used to get rid of iron substances from a liquid medium. When the filters are full, you can increase their capacity by removing the particles before cleaning and reusing the systems. One of the essential benefits of this kind of system is that they are not hazardous to the environment. You can also recycle the iron that the systems capture.

Finally, getting to know which type of filtration system suits your needs is essential. The kinds discussed above are crucial kinds of filters used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. You can get some of the most efficient and reliable filters on at steri.com

Comparison: iOS13 vs. Android 10

Apple launched the iOS 13, last year in June 2019 at the WWDC held in San Jose. iOS13, which was in the beta mode for a long time, aroused much excitement within the global apple community. On the contrary, the most used operating system – Android was now in the queue to create a big buzz in the smartphone industry. Google did not take much time and launched the Android 10 OS in September of the same year. Google initially launched the Android 10 for already in market pixel devices.

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Both the operating systems received their best updates and were incredibly appreciated by the users. If you are here for a closer comparison of both the operating systems, considering features and latest modifications, continue to read further.

Battery Life

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Every time a new update is launched, the complaints from the smartphone owners are always noted. Battery life is always counted as one of the essential factors that every smartphone user wants improvement, therefore comparing both operating systems based on battery life is very difficult. iOS is better optimized to squeeze the most out of the battery, but you can buy an android device with bigger mAh, which can easily outlast the battery of an iPhone. However, iOS and Android have the power saving modes, which allow you to extend the battery power.

Camera and Photo Backup

The argument of better camera quality between both has always been a hot muffin for the past few years, but Apple still has the upper hand in the picture quality. With the introduction of both iOS and Android, the efficiency of the camera has undoubtedly increased.

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Now, if we talk about photo backup, Android always has an excellent option because, in an iPhone, you still have a fixed cloud storage of 5 Gb.

Voice Assistants

One of the major topics to discuss is the quality of voice assistants in both these operating systems. Here, the voice assistant of iOS, Apple’s Siri, is taking the lead over google assistant. According to many developers, Siri is a more reliable assistant. Siri, in the iOS13, is overhauled with a more realistic voice, assisting you to make friendly reminders.

Many prominent developers say that google is more like a human, better at conversations and suggestions. However, it is up to you, why, and how you use a voice assistant.

Privacy and Security

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Data privacy and security has always been the most prominent feature of iOS as compared to Android. Apple has added more security features to the iOS and has revamped the location permission in iOS 13 by helping the user to make a one-time location option. In iOS 13, get ready to see an option of login in with Apple, which will allow you to log in via Face id or Touch Id by creating a unique biometric id into the developer’s database. Google is still finding a balance between privacy and security.

Some Other Features

Dark mode created a great buzz, and iOS 13 is still on the better side. Messaging is also overhauled in iOS 13 by adding a trillion configuration of Memoji. Photo experience, QuickPath keyboard, Arcade are some of the great deals that you can expect in the latest iOS 13.

Shec-Labs explains the significant features of iOS very well. You can read in detail at https://techfeedonline.com.

Considering the significant aspects, iOS 13 wins in most categories. Generally, to buy an iOS device, you have to pay more than an Android device. Therefore, you can expect a great experience and will enjoy Apple devices with better features, battery performance, camera, and better privacy.

Using Technology in the Classroom

How Technology Has Helped Us

Technology has improved the lives of people. It has made things easier for everyone. It has improved communication, user experience, and interface.

The Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

These days children are wholly engaged in using technology. It allows teachers to integrate the use of technology in the classroom to make learning more effective.

  • Audio-visual aids are the best way to engage children in the classroom. It makes them feel involved in the subjects they are studying. It is a fun and enjoyable platform for learning. Online learning resources help the needs of the students in the present- day scenario. Technology leads to active participation and makes learning more interactive and engaging than in a traditional lecture method.
  • Students learn much better when they see things. So, audio-visual aids can help them to visualize different aspects of learning and understand the working of some things much better. It also allows students to retain the information that they learn for a more extended period.
  • Different students have different learning styles and methods. With the use of technology, students can learn at their speeds. A slow learner will not feel left out or ridiculed by the rest of the class. He will not have to struggle to learn faster. He will also find learning less of a challenge and much more enjoyable. It will improve his self-confidence.
  • As they keep using technology, students can learn useful skills associated with it. They will learn how to collaborate with others, solve complex problems, and improve their leadership skills. Motivation and productivity will grow in the students. They will learn how to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources on the internet.
  • It is a huge benefit for teachers as it makes learning so much more fun for the students. Grading software and online assessments are available to make things easier for teachers. Teachers can also connect with others in the community to exchange their views and methods.

Four Simple Ways to use Technology in the classroom

Although there are many ways in which teachers use technology in the school, teachers find it hard to choose the right ones.

  • A virtual field trip is a great idea to bring a situation in the classroom. The teacher can help the students to explore famous buildings and natural phenomena without actually being present. Students can study the area and then engage in an interesting conversation about it.
  • Teachers can get their classes to become quieter by using tools like Too Noisy as a noise meter. The moment the noise levels in the classroom rise, the students will realize and quieten down. It will make it easier for the teacher to conduct a class.
  • Videos are a great way to engage children. Teachers can show the students videos of speeches, or use Teacher Tube, which covers many fascinating topics of study for students. It is a proven fact that animated videos can help to develop a child’s creativity, memory, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Teachers can make their students listen to podcasts. These could be interviews with authors of books they are reading, explorations of a particular topic, recent developments, and lectures from professors.

How Augmented Reality Improves Your Business

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It is without a doubt that AR only comes to your business to give it a positive turnaround. The technological advancements around the world make AR an admired venture. Here is how you could turn your business around using AR.

AR attracts millions of people to your business

AR has become a recent trend in the world in diverse fields, and millions of people across the globe are now using one AR app or the other to run their daily businesses. The increased customer influx has also attracted a portion of the majority who are yet to start using AR to run around trying to find out what augmented reality entails as explained at catchar.io. For these reasons, using AR in your business is reminiscent of inviting a vast number of potential clients to your business hence opening doors for business growth.

AR promotes marketing.

You can achieve a lot in the marketing department of your business using diverse AR applications. You can make your customers more loyal to your services and products by presenting to them your products in a visualized manner. Also, you can achieve their specific desires through Apps such as DecorMatters that allow your clients to choose from your stores, items that perfectly suit their needs. Besides, you can develop your marketing App while visualizing your target market’s needs and incorporating them into the app as others are doing at shec-labs.com.

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3D way of running a business.

You probably have been to one of the movie theatres that showcase their movies in 3D screens. The experience from such movies lasts so long in your mind since it felt like being a part of the film while you were watching it. If businesses apply the same technology that AR offers to their activities during advert creation, then they end up sending lasting memories to their potential clients’ minds. Through 3D advertising, your business tends to connect to your clients in a personal and remarkable manner.

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AR creates continued engagements.

Any business would always wish to retain its customers after every purchase. AR has an established customer-business interaction platform that makes it ideal for both the customers and the company. Clear communication aided with visual demonstrations makes it easy for customers to trace and access the products and services your business offers. With this, your customers will quickly come back for new orders anytime, and they can do it from anywhere.

Customers have a part in product creation.

AR gives your customers the power to be a part of product development as they can describe to you exactly what they need virtually and create a picture of what you should provide to them. This freedom attracts a lot of customers to your business, which means improved profits to you.

Making an investment in AR apps and software for your business is one of the best decisions you can make towards growing your company in this age and time. Please don’t hold back the thought, set it up, and roll and wait for the returns.

Things you should know about technology in our lifes

[1] alexandre-debieve-FO7JIlwjOtU-unsplashI have been planning on starting something new for a very long time now. It has come to a time to finalize and bring it out to the public and you as my consumers. My passion has been to blog for a very long time, and I have always wanted to start something. I am going to be dealing with technology. What a coincidence? I mean, I am using technology to talk about tech.

Technology has become a part of us, and it is a segment that we cannot dare ignore as it affects us either directly or indirectly. We are in one way or the other receiving and sending information at the comfort of the palms of our hands. We are also able to travel the world faster, depending on where you are going. All thanks to technology.

Let us take a look at how technology is affecting some parts of our lives.

[2] crew-IXHNBGTKJfw-unsplashTechnology and Businesses

Logical revelations have practically no importance except if there are skillful specialty units to create for individuals what science has found. Society relies upon business to keep the flood of revelation streaming into profitable products and ventures for humanity. Without technology, businesses ideas remain theoretical thesis on papers. Technology makes it come out to life. That is how much technology and business are related.

Social Changes and Technology

Innovation legitimately changes the example of public activity. Mechanical progression will, in general, evacuate social contrasts, the contrasts among genders and guardians and youngsters. Our everyday life is influenced by innovation. Indeed, even the language we use is evolving. New terms keep on developing. It is effectively said that words are the emblems of social change

Technology in Research and Development

There is the weakness of governments in developing countries to import technology. That diminishes and deteriorates the quality of technology and innovativeness in a country. There should be a promotion of available resources and skills. The establishments and specialists ought to be urged to discover our advancement advances which could make the nation self-pertinent and lessen weakness utilizing indigenous assets.

Technology and Depression

There are so many advantages of technology to the making of life more straightforward, but in the same way, there are dark sides to it. A new investigation joins nervousness, serious wretchedness, suicide endeavors, and suicide with the ascent being used of cell phones, tablets, and different gadgets. Over-utilization of innovation harms the mind frameworks associating passionate handling, consideration, and essential leadership.

Technology and Medicine

With many technological advancements made in the medical sector, there have been improvements even in the way doctors administer treatments. Some machines can monitor the heart rates, blood pressures, and other critical elements of the bodies. We are also able to get helpful information that we may use to advance and further our health.

[3] martin-shreder-5Xwaj9gaR0g-unsplashTechnology and Family Life

Innovation has influenced all aspects of family life. We are investing more energy in entryways than were outside. The time spent on the PC, sitting in front of the TV and others is around 7 hours every day. This time is usually gone through alone and not with the remainder of the family.

Take a stab at envisioning your existence without innovation. A life without morning timers, fridges, computers, and telephones seems almost impossible. It would be altogether different from what we are acclimated with today. The truth is, we all depend on innovation a lot to get past the day. Regardless of whether it’s grinding away, home or school, I realize numerous individuals depend enormously on innovation.



Technology: For It or Against It? — Help from Heaven


When I was a professor in California, I asked a class on Culture and Society to not use their electronic devices or email for three (3) hours, and then to write a paper on the results. The answers were fascinating and eye-opening. So, when I saw the prompt was Technology, I decided to address their […]

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