Technology: For It or Against It? — Help from Heaven


When I was a professor in California, I asked a class on Culture and Society to not use their electronic devices or email for three (3) hours, and then to write a paper on the results. The answers were fascinating and eye-opening. So, when I saw the prompt was Technology, I decided to address their […]

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Exploring New Technologies — Azimuth


I’ve got some good news! I’ve been hired by Bryan Johnson to help evaluate and explain the potential of various technologies to address the problem of climate change. Johnson is an entrepreneur who sold his company Braintree for $800M and started the OS Fund in 2014, seeding it with $100M to invest in the hard […]

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Technology and Public Transit — Pedestrian Observations


I have noticed a trend in tech media in the last few years: people assert that new technology is about to make public transportation and the walkable urbanism that underlies it obsolete, and therefore it’s a waste of time to invest in the latter. The top examples of this are ride-hailing apps and autonomous cars, […]

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Why Technology Changes Who We Trust — The Conversation Room — Three Worlds One Vision


Trust is the foundation of all human connections. From brief encounters to intimate relationships, it governs almost every interaction we have with each other. I trust my housemates not to go into my room without asking, I trust the bank to keep my money safe and I trust the pilot of my plane to fly […] […]

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